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HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester), chairman of the House Liquor Control Committee, held an informational public meeting at the state Capitol to take a closer look at Pennsylvania’s wine and spirits wholesale and distribution systems.
HARRISBURG – Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) and many House Republican colleagues joined together today to condemn Gov. Tom Wolf for his veto of House Bill 466, the liquor privatization measure that would increase revenues for the state without raising taxes on Pennsylvania’s workers, families and businesses.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester), who was recently elected to his 10th term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has been named chairman of the House Liquor Control Committee for the 2015-16 legislative session. The House made history last session when it passed liquor privatization legislation, but the Senate failed to act on the measure. Ross expects privatization to come up again this session.
HARRISBURG – At a Capitol bill signing ceremony this week, Gov. Tom Corbett signed legislation sponsored by Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) that will establish a licensing program for community respite services. Act 166 of 2014 will make it easier for senior citizens to receive appropriate transitional care as they age and will enable them to receive only the care they need – saving them money.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) announced today that the Unionville-Chadds Ford and Kennett Consolidated school districts have been approved to receive state allocations to partially reimburse construction projects at schools in those districts.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) today announced that Chester County Conservation District has been awarded a $61,000 state grant through the Watershed Restoration Protection Program, which will be used to institute Agricultural Best Management Practices on three mushroom farms in New Garden Township.
HARRISBURG – Legislation to overhaul and strengthen Act 47 of 1987, Pennsylvania’s Financially Distressed Municipalities Act, is now on its way to the governor’s desk. House Bill 1773, sponsored by Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester), represents the most significant update yet to the laws governing economically distressed communities with the goal of returning them to fiscal stability.
HARRISBURG – The House this week unanimously concurred with Senate amendments on a bill by Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) that would establish a licensing program for community respite services, making it easier for senior citizens to receive appropriate transitional care as they age.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester/Delaware) announced today that the Kennett Area Senior Center will receive a state grant as part of a $2 million statewide plan to modernize senior centers across the Commonwealth.
HARRISBURG – By unanimous votes, the House passed two bills sponsored by Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester), which would cut consumer fees for cashing government checks and establish a minimum time frame for consumer loan contracts.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) would like to let residents know that forms for the state’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate program for tax year 2012 are now available.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) who authored legislation providing for the safe disposal of electronic devices, is reminding residents that beginning today, Thursday, Jan. 24, electronic devices can no longer be thrown away with other trash.
HARRISBURG – A new fishing season is on the horizon, and anglers can prepare themselves by purchasing a multi-year fishing license, available for the first time this year from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) said today.
HARRISBURG -- About $200 million in impact fees, from the 58 companies drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, is now being disbursed to Pennsylvania counties and municipalities, including more than $423,000 to Chester County.
HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP) is open to students enrolled in career programs that are significant to the state’s economy, such as energy, advanced materials and diversified manufacturing, or agriculture and food production, Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) announced today.